Ni quien te culpe, tú sí tienes la fuerza

décembre 3, 2006

Tal vez es porque… « La Libélula tan creativa ella… », será lo que sea, pero estoy de tu lado. Te he visto subir montañas, porque cuando se quiere algo; se obtiene.


Good Bye Smiles


Dimanche 03 décembre 2006, 12:10 | Editer ceci
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Mr. Smiley       There is no point on letting you now that we are in the thousand’s (2006). I believe I trusted again and see… there are many ways to say: hello.  Boy, If I feel ashamed. No more games around making me go into a possible future together; yes… you always hated my well known phrase of “pay attention to the signs”, but proud and honestly I must say, I wasn’t wrong. I’ve done wrong things, I am not angel, but NOBODY and I repeat no one has right (at all) to make me go and stumble. Again,  I didn’t even get to go to the movies, Is that fair for you? I should have… well, too late.

        You always talked about “sacrifices” “tolerance” and stuff. Have you ever wonder how many things I changed? How many paths I left behind just because I thought I had to take a chance? Laugh if needed. I won’t say a thing; there is always an explanation right? You taught me so…        Sorry if I post what I feel here, but this is what I do: I say things and feel and write and wait, leave my childish attitude behind, there’s no need to prove anything. And wow! I went through the world of computers only to have a link, the two of us… no more Mister Smiles; you are not making me smile right now. 

   I’m not victim of any circumstance, just stare at your watch: I have a family as well, my grandma is in bed and mom is returning next Monday, my licence just expired and I lost the whole afternoon doing my “poetic speeches” in order to see you, to talk, to follow the light. Which light Mr. Smiley? I see no names under Billboards at least no mine. I wish I could know… why?     Never mind, there I was trying not to take by reference any song, but I got to say “This is the last time”. What’s with the “I send message and you answer”. If you could see me now… after the shower I promised myself not to cry, this is my happy Saturday and it doesn’t matter what I need to do; go and buy cigarettes perhaps, talking a walk with my dogs or… of course!!! Thanks a lot; even Blockbuster is already closed. Cheers¡¡¡ 

    No pity at all, no regret feelings.  As I thought… there is always a reason. 

By the way, what’s the word that people say whenever the really want to “be”? Oh, I remember phone booths. There is always a telephone guide, cell phones, a whole world of chances.     The thing was simple: “Make of your words and “feelings” a tangible link to your actions”. 

        Good Bye.  00:08 

    People say dragonflies don’t live longer than 48 hours, but believe me… my type lives forever and each day, stronger.


One Response to “Ni quien te culpe, tú sí tienes la fuerza”

  1. Volma Says:

    Oruga oruguita, ya déjame cerrar los ojos.

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