novembre 17, 2006

    Here I go, all of you men with long, short or no hair at all. You’ve spent a big part of your life destroying what she is. Stop picking on her. She is my “Elle” and I understand exactly what she means whenever she says she’s been fucked by you guys.    

  You may say She is guilty, there must be a hidden reason… you feel guilty of being such jerks, crap, mud all over her heart… she is sick and tired.

Have you ever been ruled by someone? Well, maybe a father, your mother, the stinking world… but try for a while to “be” like her, to feel like her and see.    

You’ll probably find things you never thought would be as much as “drama” as it end up, but let me give you a hint: She is still alive, in spite of you mother fuckers, she knows the path and will follow it.     

  I am seriously mad, angry and I would hit hard right now… you didn’t even try to understand, because all of you cowards could not see her as the way she really is: superior.

Keep on thinking with your small head and someday; dog killers, rats, model lovers, business men, suckers… you’ll see her gone. Believe me, she is as strong as an oak… and I’m not lying at all, she will kick your balls. Maybe in silence, but she will. 



¿A dónde se fue? ¿A dónde se huyó?


One Response to “Males”

  1. That’s the spirit!!!!

    -Sherlock and Volma-

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